Nick Bakker

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Assistant director, storyboard director, artist, production designer, and development artist at studios such as DHX MediaHouse of Cool, Arc Productions, Chuck Gammage AnimationCuppa Coffee Studios, and Squeeze Productions. Three-year diploma in classical animation from Sheridan College, 2002.


Dreamworks 'Dragons: Race to the Edge', Book of Life, Inspector Gadget, MAD tv, Super Why, Pirates Adventures in Art, Animal Mechanicals, and more.



"Nick's boards were not only incredibly clear and well drawn under our very constrained schedule, but they were dripping with honest acting and subtlety. The brilliant thought that went behind his sequences was always evident. And he could be hilarious too! I sincerely cherished my time with Nic and dream of working with him again on a new film. Every director should be as lucky to work with a talent like Nick Bakker."

Jorge R. Gutierrez, Director
The Book of Life, ReelFX

"Nick has a great sense of comedy and improvisation. He regularly adds funny beats to his storyboards that always get a laugh. He's very professional and never hesitates to pitch new ideas or clarify a beat."

Greg Rankin, Director
Dragons: Race to the Edge, Dreamworks

"Nick is a very thoughtful artist with a gift for gentle humor that he sells perfectly in his drawing style."

David Stoten, Head of Story
Gnomeo and Juliet, Arc Productions

"In addition to Nick's obvious artistic talents, he's also an incredibly insightful storyteller. Nick was Storyboard Director on Inspector Gadget and when we'd come across a challenging sequence or episode, he was always a great resource to help the board artists get the most out of the scene."

William Gordon, Series Director
Inspector Gadget, DHX Media